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Assoc. Prof.  Dr. Lo Kong Mun

Phone no: 603-79674262 / Fax:603-79674193
Email: kmlo@um.edu.my


1988     University of Malaya                               Ph.D
1980     University of Malaya                               B.Sc. (Hon.)


Dr. Los career in Chemistry started in 1990 as a contract lecturer at the Institute of Post Graduate Studies formerly known as Institute of Advanced Studies. He was appointed as a lecturer in the Chemistry Department in 1993. Currently, Dr. Lo is involved in lectures on inorganic chemistry, nuclear chemistry and environmental chemistry. He is the coordinator for the third year laboratory, the coordinator of the chemical store in the department, the coordinator of final year project and the coordinator of the seminar presentation for the program MSc in Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis.  He is also a member for the  Safety Committee, infrastructure committee and Quality Assurance committee in the Chemistry Department. 




Field of Expertise

  • Organometallic Chemistry

Professional activities

  • LMIC Examiner, Malaysian Institute of Chemistry

Research interests:

  • Synthesis and structural studies of organotin compounds with potential biological properties

  • Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang by the University in 2002.

Lecture Note:

upload 7 January 2008